A reminder can be as powerful as a lesson

When first starting at Avanti, I was really eager to brush up on my leadership skills and did a ton of reading and listening to help accelerate the learning curve. There’s a wealth of knowledge available via books and podcasts. I sought out and found many gracious folks willing to provide informal mentorship. I also joined a professional peer-group and signed up for 1-on-1 CEO coaching. Overall, I found a lot of value across a broad array of resources in approaching many situations for the first time.

Then after a few years, I started to notice some recurring themes and patterns in the types of topics professional development content covers and hear similar but differently worded lessons from highly respected experts and resources. At first, I found this a bit discouraging. It didn’t provide that novelty premium of learning something for the very first time. But over time, I’ve come to really value hearing a powerful reminder of a lesson already learned.

Sometimes hearing someone discuss an important and meaningful concept you’re already familiar with in a different context, or articulated in a different way, or received when you’re in a different mindset, can be equally or sometimes even more valuable than the first time you heard it. In fact, when you want to be great at something, whether it’s a professional endeavor, sport, hobby, or recreational passion, there are SO many tips, tricks, and considerations to keep in mind that it can be a bit overwhelming. So re-hearing those important concepts at a future timeframe can be just as valuable as the first time.