September 2023

  • Role Models

    A role model is someone you look up to. Someone you deeply respect. Someone who’s behavior you’re interested in emulating. A role model helps demonstrate excellence in areas you’re deeply interested in and passionate about. Observing them, learning from them, and replicating their behaviors is a compelling way to hone your own skill set. Role models can show up in your personal and professional life.

  • Runner tribes

    Last weekend I ran the Canmore Half Marathon. It is a beautiful track that begins in town, takes you along the river, and up a way along the foothills of the surrounding mountains. I always get a kick out of observing the groups of folks who show up. People seem to fit into a variety of runner categories. 21 km without headphones is a long time to be alone with your thoughts so I was happy to amuse myself with the people watching last weekend.

  • Halfway reflections

    This post marks the 26th week of publishing Dave’s Take. As I originally wrote, the initial motivations for publishing a weekly bog were: a) because I miss writing, b) to codify my professional learnings, c) so I could produce my own work artifacts, d) to state opinions publicly, and e) to take on a project that was definitively outside my comfort zone.